5 Necessary Foods for New Mothers


Motherhood in its initial few weeks is most fractious. Apart from a lot of hormonal changes, pain, anxiety and mood swings, you have a mini you to take care of. Caring about your own health takes a back seat. However, not just during pregnancy, but even after giving birth, nutrition requirement for mother remains high. Here are the five most important foods for new moms as it fulfills nutrition requirement for both mother and the baby.


New mommies should get two portions of fish in a week. Fishes that have high oil content like fresh tuna are best. Tuna is packed with DHA, which is a nutrient that develops baby’s nervous system. DHA is also found in Breastmilk and by eating Tuna, you can increase the amount of DHA in your milk, by which baby’s DHA intake will increase your breastfeeding. Canned tuna lacks all the good fat and should be avoided. If you are not a tuna fan, wild salmon, trout, sardines, and mackerel are best alternatives. While consuming fish, it is very important that you buy fishes from a place that farmed in hygienic and non-polluted water bodies.

Whole Meal Bread

It’s not good to hear, but piles are a very common problem post pregnancy, although it disappears within few days after labor. To quicken the recovery, eat wholemeal bread generously. This will make the bowel movements easy and give you an energy boost. Carbohydrate-rich foods are relaxing and therefore, it is best for those disturbed and sleepless nights.

Raw Carrots

Between numerous feeds, constant laundries, lots of cuddles to your little one, you hardly find time to feed yourself. To save time, you can munch of a lot of raw veggies and fruits. Carrots are the best quickie snack at those times as an accompaniment to the main dish. It is not just quick and convenient, but very healthy for moms. Being a rich source of beta-carotene, carrot strengthens your immune system by increase white blood cells and T cells count, protect you from cold or flu.


Scrambled, poached or fried, whatever way you like, eggs are one of the best foods for breastfeeding moms. Eggs contain Vitamin D, which is required for strong and healthy teeth and bones. If you are lactating, you should also take Vitamin D supplement. Along with being a rich source of Vitamin D, eggs also, enrich your body with protein. Instead of frying, add some skimmed milk to eggs and then scramble or poach it.


As a new mom, make sure that turkey is always on your shopping list. Turkey is a low Glycaemic Index food and contains Tryptophan, which increases serotonin flow (a hormone that gives you a shot of happy feeling). If your food contains tryptophan, your mood will be calmer and you’ll feel happy. Brazil nuts are also a rich source of serotonin. Other foods that give you a shot of tryptophan are nuts, cheese, and chicken.

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