5 Ways to be a Happy Mom


How to be a Happy Mom?

Every mom dreams that their kids turn into happy adults. After we shop for dinner, hunt for perfect kindergarten, arrange the house and hustle our children off to soccer game practice, we are left with some inspiration to picture one thing that we wish the most for our children – Happiness. Not one out there does not want to be happy, but for moms, it’s more of a question as for how to fit it in our schedule. Here are some of the most practical tips on how to move happiness on top of your chart.

Be Yourself

Stress creeps into our lives when we try to live impossible standards. Mothers all over the world are a victim of perfection. They feel things are never good enough and this feeling of inadequacy and comparison make them depressed and unhappy. The best way you can be happy is by being yourself. Think about your own strength and capability and work do things accordingly. Maybe painting canvas isn’t your thing, but cooking is. Find your own interest and explore it.

Get time for Yourself

Set aside some time to take a walk, write journals or read some nice books. This will raise your daily happiness quotient. A happy woman can make her and her family’s life overwhelming. There are two important purposes of solitude – It allows the mother to have some quiet time for herself, away from all noise and it allows your nervous system to relax and become quieter so that you can charge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Hangout with Girlfriends

I know it seems impossible to leave kids at home and go out for few hours, but meeting friends is very rejuvenating. You get to talk about a lot of things and take your mind out of your home and kids. Friends are also your lifeline while you are going through some emotional stress. If you feel like you don’t have time for friends, drive to your mom’s house and spend some hours with your mom. She’ll understand you better than anybody else.

Make a Weekly No-work Day

Taking a day off is very important. Enjoy time with your family and leave all the work for the other day. Play with your kids, go out for a picnic and dine out. A day off will decrease your household stress. So one day without laundry, kid’s home tuition, cleaning the house, etc, just relax and spend some cherishable moment with family. Cooking is something you can’t always avoid, so try to keep the cooking simple.

Outsource Work

If possible, hire household help. In doing all the work yourself, you hardly get time to do anything for you. So a little help in kitchen or cleaning will give you a lot of relaxation and free time to take care of yourself.

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