5 Weeks Pregnant Brown Discharge


Women fear bleeding and anything that is bloody looking during pregnancy since they always fear the worst for their unborn babies. Even though blood during pregnancy is not always a good sign, it is not always there to mean that the baby is in any form of danger and rather it is a way of the body to deal with all the changes or the changes taking a toll on the body hence the bloody issues many women will experience at different times of the pregnancy. A brown discharge is among the things which can worry pregnant women with ease.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy – Brown Discharge

At 5 weeks pregnant, implantation has already taken place and hence the brown discharge cannot be as a result of the process. What many women do not know however is that the cervix could still contain an amount of blood that is no longer needed after the lining has formed and the embryo has found the ground and is already taking over the different functions earlier served by the blood. The blood is usually there to protect your womb and when it is no longer needed, it will be flushed out in form of the brown discharge. The left over blood is commonly referred to as old blood in pregnancy and it is common among women.

Pregnant Woman Brown Discharge

Spotting is also common during the 5th week of pregnancy and it can come in form of the brown discharge. It is important to remember that the cervix has become sensitive to the hormonal changes and hence the slightest irritation such as that during intercourse where the penis keeps hitting it can lead to slight bleeding discharged in the brown form. As long as the brown discharge during this week is not accompanied by other symptoms such as cramping, it is considered normal. Any other case should be reported to the doctor for further evaluation.

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