Exceptional Uses of Toothpaste


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Can you tell me what could be the best use of toothpaste other than keeping your teeth pearly white and sparkling? Well, when you read this article, you will gape with astonishment after knowing some of the unconventional and unique uses of toothpaste. So, just go through and expand your knowledge, below are given some incredible uses of toothpaste:


Use Toothpaste as a Hair Gel

Yes, your eyes have read it correctly, toothpaste really makes an awesome hair gel. It includes water-soluble polymers commonly present in hair gels. Just take a little amount of toothpaste and add a small amount of water (about 50 ml) in it and mix it properly. Now, it is ready to use, apply it in the same way as you use hair gel.  Make sure that you wash your hair at the end of the day.

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Avoid Zits

Toothpaste is a great solution to your skin problems. If you want to get rid of pimples, just apply menthol toothpaste and wash it off after a few minutes. After cleaning your skin, do not forget to apply moisturizing lotion.

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Relieve those Bug Bites and Bruises

Mix toothpaste and a skin lotion, and apply it on the affected area, and then cover it with a band-aid. Keep doing this for two to three days; you will be surprised to see your disappeared wound. You can also get rid of the mosquito bite by applying some toothpaste over the affected area. Toothpaste is also used to heal minor burns.

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Polish your Nails

Are you craving to get that natural shine on your toe nails and finger nails? Here, toothpaste comes into play, take a little quantity of toothpaste and rub your nails with it by using a soft brush. It will also help you avoid that subdued color you get after using nail paint rampantly.

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Give a Shine to your Jewelry

Has your diamond engagement ring lost its shine? You do not have to go to any jewelry shop to regain its luster. You can do it at your home; you just need a damp cloth and a little bit of toothpaste. You can also clean your silver ornaments by applying toothpaste on it. You just have to rub some toothpaste on your jewelry, leave it for overnight and then you can clean it with water.

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