Hair Fall – The Most Alarming Situation


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Hair loss is not a new issue; this problem is continued since centuries. It mainly occurs due to the dearth of protein and iron. However, the normal part of hair shedding is approximately fifty to twenty-five strand of hair per day.

hair fall


If it extends this number, means you are going through a serious problem of hair loss. There are ample products in the market that help you prevent loss in one or the other way. But here we will focus on some important basic ways to prevent this problem of hair loss, so read further and say goodbye to your hair fall problem:

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Tips to Stop Hair Loss

  • Gooseberry oil is prepared by drying and then boiling in coconut oil. This homemade oil act as a valuable tonic for hair. It is very elementary to make and is one of the top remedies for hair loss
  • Mix gooseberry juice and lime juice in an equal proportion and use it as a shampoo. This shampoo imparts a good hair growth and stops hair loss
  • If you use one cup of spinach and lettuce juice every day, it will put an end to your hair loss
  • Application of coconut oil with lime juice or lime water on a daily basis prevents hair loss
  • If you apply the juice of green coriander leaves on your head, it will end up the problem of your hair loss
  • Henna leaves when boiled in mustard oil make a good home remedy for hair loss. The amount should be appropriate like you have to use 250 grams of mustard oil with 100 grams of henna leaves.
  • Usage of coconut milk on your scalp gives you an outstanding result. It is an effectual method if you want to get rid of hair loss problem
  • The hot climatic condition is also one of the reasons for hair loss. So whenever you go out protect your hair from the sun by covering it with a scarf
  • Also, imbibe lots of water as lack of water also contributes to hair loss

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