Tips to Have Beautiful Feet


It is a desire of every woman to have wonderful feet. As summer enters, you change your style of dressing. You stop wearing winter coats and prefer to wear something light fabric such as shorts and skirts.

beautiful feets

Your feet are more visible during summer and spring season, so it is very important to have proper care for your feet. If you want to have beautiful feet, you just have to spend a little time and effort. Pamper your feet with an amazing makeover and make it stunning. Read further to get some useful tips and make your feet even more beautiful:

Toenail Polish

Remove Toenail Polish

Remove your toenail polish properly and check if there are no residues left. This will allow you to check if your nails are healthy and do not have any problems. Always try to apply an acetone-free polish remover because it is less harsh.

Rejuvenating Soak

Treat your Feet with a Rejuvenating Soak

Clean your feet properly and soak them in water for around ten minutes. You can put aromatherapy salts or oils if you want to have more relaxation. When you complete your soaking part, use toenail brush and rub it so that you get rid of the dead skin and other impurities. Do not polish your toenails all the time; give it a break if you want your toenails to stay healthy.

Remove Calluses

Remove the Calluses

When you are done with your soaking part, use a pumice stone to eliminate the horrible calluses and the tough skin present on your heel area. This is a very crucial foot process as it prevents your skin from getting cracked and keeps it smooth and soft.

Toenails Short

Trim your Toenails Short

Long nails really look horrible and it also looks untidy. Just buy a good manicure kit from the market that will sustain the prettiness of your feet. A proper pedicure is very essential, so reserve some time for your feet care, at least after every two weeks. Cut your nails and give it a nice shape and make certain that you do not leave any sharp edges that can cause inflammations.

Moisturize Feet


You want to have a wonderful result, massage your feet with moisturizer cream every day. It will make your skin soft and beautiful.

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